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In these new and exciting times, we know that the citizens of the future require radical transparency. The Feel Good Fellowship is focused on working with brands within the fashion and beauty industry who are listening to their loyal customers, respecting their intellect and allowing them in-house, gifting them with 'truth' films which showcase their intentions and promise to improve. We promise to ask all the crucial questions on your behalf to further reward your level of knowledge about the brands you buy and help with your decisions on whether they reflect your principles on people and planet. Only then can you FEEL GOOD about the purchases you make.


The Feel Good Fellowship HQ assign our industry correspondents and film makers to work with the brands who choose to fully collaborate and who willingly want to tell their 'true story' for you, their highly respected customer. We brief all our clients in their initial consultation that, you do not have to be perfect, you do not have to have it all worked out, but you have to show your intention and the progress you are making with a clear time line on when you hope to share your successes and results. We are driven by fact and promise, so not wildly interested in marketing fluff and distractions. We want detail.


With fourteen years experience in the Fashion and Beauty Industry and content creation, The Feel Good Fellowship Team work closely with recognised brands and their global ambassadors.

The Feel Good Fellowship is a safe place for the curious, and progressive citizens who take full responsibility for the buying habits they possess, and demand a clearer picture from the brands they support. We act as investigative reporters who work on behalf of our community to bridge the gap between branded marketing campaigns and a citizen's desire to see the full picture.


Like any new journey we have a lot to do to share our mission.


The Feel Good Fellowship have a strategic and immediate PR and awareness campaign in progress. 


We will be travelling to the key universities, colleges, schools, leading global companies and places of work to shout about our platform. We have secured TV, radio and online interviews about our work and spreading the feel good knowledge to as many of you as we can. We are hosting our 'Covid Compassion' Conference in September and our 'Wellness Responsibility' Talk in December, all of which is always filmed for you to see. 

To see our Video channel of interviews with the most exciting visionaries in our industry today, click here.


Please look out for all Feel Good Fellowship work in the coming months. 


In the current climate we find ourselves working to a whole new rhythm, and we need to slow down. The Feel Good Fellowship is a place for contemplation, reflection and where decisions are made. We are home to longer form, more considered, in depth conversation around brand principles and their values. 


Leave the 6 second creative asset for the brands own channels; this is a 'click play and absorb' platform for our citizens to arrive undisturbed and discover the inner workings of the brands they follow and the Feel Good work they have undertaken. 


We need to feel good about the transactions we make and need time to consider our actions!


Life is too short to follow brands that make you feel less adequate.


The Feel Good Fellowship removes that fourth wall of marketing and allows the citizen in like never before.


We work with each brand to identify their leading voices on who can share the brand vision, the promise, the future in a more academic way. Whether this is a brand’s founder, CEO, head of marketing, PR team, distributors or craftsmen, we paint the real picture and unlock the most significant form of communication between company and citizen, and that is honesty.


The FGF is here to serve the citizens, first and foremost. We want to get citizens as close as possible to all the brands they support, follow and purchase from. We have a powerful set of friends supporting our work in The British Beauty Council and The British Fashion Council who sit as an advisory board for the FGF and help us along the journey with advice, introductions and creative solutions.


Each brand will invest in a series of ‘truth films’ which are valid for 12 months at which point they will need to be updated in order to keep this content as current as possible. We also share new stories as they are released in a way of a talk show with leading industry talents.

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