Model of our ‘conscientious’ times, Arizona Muse, half British and half American,  had her first major breakthrough in 2011 with covers for Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue Korea, Vogue Russia, and Vogue Australia along with Self Service Magazine and Dazed & Confused; the latter dubbing Muse the fashion industry's newest ‘muse.’  


She has since covered every major Vogue, including its American and British editions, making her one of the distinct few who have booked covers for the "Big Four":  with iconic editorial and campaign work alongside the industry’s most prolific photographers and filmmakers.


Recently, Arizona has dedicated her efforts towards the sustainability movement in fashion and has adopted the role as a sustainability-consultant for brands who wish to lower their environmental impact. She uses her significant global platform as an educational tool to share her passion to advocate for better environmental practices, encouraging the fashion industry to examine its relationship with the world and how to protect our future.

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The Feel Good Fellowship Founder and Industry Correspondent, Scott Wimsett will lead a team of in-house documentary makers and reporters to capture these accurate news stories, favoured by a curious, modern and mindful consumer. 


These brand sponsored docu-film edits adopt a strong lean towards positive storytelling and offer up hope and transparency for an educated and informed audience. 


"We want to harness the power of positivity and promise in our films by supporting the brands we collaborate with to tell their 'feel good' efforts and encouraging them in every great thing they are doing for their progressive community. There has never been a more important time than now to focus on the good in the brands we buy!" @thesustainabilityhost

Scott is on the advisory board at The British Beauty Council and has a much loved industry talk forum discussing all areas of our industry from ethical storytelling to female empowerment. See the highlights from our latest talk on ethical storytelling here. 

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