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'Feel-Good' create a portfolio of films for each client to do with whatever they so choose, but ultimately to file them here, on our platform, for all to see and research. We work to tell many in-house stories but the key areas we look to discuss include the following - race, diversity and inclusion, mental health responsibility and sensitivity in messaging on social, distribution, sourcing and packaging policies, the plastic pledge, environmental claims, LGBTQ+ representation, fair positioning and equality throughout your communication, sustainability efforts, corporate social responsibility campaigns, company culture, unsung heroes, and Covid-19 learnings. We work tirelessly to bring you the truth behind the brands you support. 


We believe our platform deserves and qualifies for longer form content in order to really have the time and concentration to take this information in, so most of our films are between 5-10 mins in length. We encourage you to sit back and embrace your docu-edu-tainment viewing persona. Enjoy these exciting and groundbreaking films to really impact your buying power. Remember, in our modern world of holistic marketing, your money represents your vote to support the brands you truly believe in. 

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