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The Feel Good Fellowship is a safe place for the curious, investigative and progressive citizen. A citizen who takes full responsibility for the buying habits they possess and who demand a clearer picture from the brands they support. We view  ourselves as the investigative reporters who work on behalf of our community to bridge the gap between shiny branded marketing campaigns and a citizens desire to see the full picture. We value greatly the intelligence of our audience.

"For an age of covering our ears and living in darkness it is as if the lights have been turned on and the volume turned sky high.....! Now is the time to speak your real story!"

Scott Wimsett, CEO and Founder

"You want people to feel good about owning your brand and your product and if they are feeling guilty about where it’s been made and who’s been treated badly making it, you can’t enjoy the product."

 Dolly Jones, Chief Editor at Eco-Age

“The one thing we all have collectively together is that this is our home and we all need to live here, so we need to stop putting our fingers in our ears and pretending this stuff isn’t happening.”

Amy Powney, CEO at Mother of Pearl

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