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The Feel Good Fellowship was founded in 2019 by Director, Fashion and Beauty correspondent, and member of the British Beauty Council Advisory Board, Scott Wimsett. The platform was launched with the intention to create ultimate transparency among digital content, and to dissolve the barrier between brand and citizen. Scott's main goal with The Fellowship, is to create truth in content and therefore putting the mental health of their citizens first. 

"To live in total harmony with the brands we use, follow and endorse, it is essential to activate a genuine, human experience between citizen and brand. Now more than ever, we have the mindfulness to demand 100% total transparency, a new age honesty, an open door policy to inform our decisions. Then and only then, can that purchase make us 'feel good,' without guilt or neglect of the bigger picture. The fellowship is your door to the truth behind the brands you support. Are you a part of The Feel Good fellowship?"

Scott Wimsett, CEO and Founder 

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