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Scott is a member of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition, formed by the The British Beauty Council of which he sits on the advisory board, and has a much loved industry talk forum discussing all areas of our industry from ethical storytelling to female empowerment. See the highlights from our latest talk on ethical storytelling here. 

The Feel Good Fellowship Founder and Industry Correspondent, Scott Wimsett will lead a team of in-house documentary makers and reporters to capture these accurate news stories, favoured by a curious, modern and mindful consumer. 


These brand sponsored docu-film edits adopt a strong lean towards positive storytelling and offer up hope and transparency for an educated and informed audience. 


"We want to harness the power of positivity and promise in our films by supporting the brands we collaborate with to tell their 'feel good' efforts and encouraging them in every great thing they are doing for their progressive community. There has never been a more important time than now to focus on the good in the brands we buy!" @thesustainabilityhost

"Being interviewed by Scott is just like speaking to an old friend!" - Kate Moss

"Scott is one of my favourite people. You can not help but open up and engage in conversation and  energetic banter...  Full of passion, very professional and considerate." 

- Alice Temperley

"Scott has this AMAZING way of instantly putting people at ease, whether he knows them or not - he brings out the best in people. You can put him in any situation and he'll add his magical touch. I love working with him - he's a consummate professional - charming, funny and kind. His energy is incredible!"

- Charlotte Tilbury


"Scott's charm, warmth, knowledge of the industry and those within it make for a dynamic combination both behind and in front of the camera - it is always a great pleasure and great fun to work with him."

- Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council 

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